A few weekends ago Emily (my bff), Gabe, and I ran into our favorite local wine shop, Vine and Barrel, to pick up a bottle (or 2) of wine to bring to dinner at my parents house. Jason the owner, an awesome guy who is super friendly and always helpful, met us with big bear hugs. After we said our hellos we got down to business. Grilled spiced rub turkey breast and sweet potato fries were on the menu for the evening, so Jason suggested that we pair the turkey with a Rumball sparkling Shiraz. Sparkling Shiraz? A red sparkling wine? Neither Emily nor I even knew that such a thing existed and you can imagine our giddy excitement. But did Jason have a bottle chilled for us? You bet he did (gotta love this guy)! When we got to my house, Emily opened the bottle while I rounded up the champagne glasses. The wine was a beautiful, dark ruby color with teeny bubbles and pink fizz. The south Australian wine was elegant with fruity flavors, a soft smooth palate and lots of depth. I fully enjoyed this wine, it was completely complementary with the turkey and I will definitely remember to serve this next November at Thanksgiving dinner.