My favorite condiment in the entire world might just be Tabasco hot sauce, so when I heard the hot-sauce empire was developing its own tequila, I got my hands on a bottle stat.

If you're a fan of tequila and not afraid of heat, you should definitely give Tabasco Tequila ($21.99) a try. The spirit has the toasty-tart flavor of tequila with a bit of spice that's not overpowering. It would make for a great round of shots at the bar. I tried it in my Bloody Maria, and didn't have to add as much hot sauce to make it spicy. I'm most excited about using it in margaritas where fruit will marry with the tequila to make a delicious, sweet-hot cocktail! I'll be serving the spicy stuff at my next taco dinner.

The 750-ml bottles are currently being rolled out in Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Dallas, and Houston markets. Will you be on the lookout for them?