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Happy Hour: Vodka Press

The other day my bff Emily told me all about her new favorite drink, a vodka press. We are huge vodka drinkers, and when we're not guzzling Grey Goose martinis, we're sipping vodka tonics or vodka sprites or vodka on the rocks — you get the picture. What happens when we are in the mood for a vodka that is neither too sweet (like a vodka sprite) nor too strong (like a vodka tonic)?? Enter the vodka press. It's the prefect refreshing mixture that combines both drinks.

In a vodka press, vodka is diluted with both a club soda or tonic and Sprite. Hello?! How come we are just now learning about this drink?? If you love vodka as much as I do and want to make this cocktail,

Vodka Press
From Extra Tasty

1.5 ounces vodka
1 part club soda or tonic
1 part Sprite or other lemon lime soda
lime garnish, optional

  1. Fill a highball glass with ice. Add vodka, soda/tonic, and sprite.
  2. Garnish with lime if using. Enjoy.

Serves 1.

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Join The Conversation
mnp mnp 9 years
Awesome suggestions...kickinthecherries. It'll taste like a yahoo. Mmmm...
DayDreamerz DayDreamerz 9 years
I always order vodka and soda with a splash of 7, squeeze of lemon. I had no idea it had a name! It sure is a mouth full the way I've been ordering - thanks!
kickinthecherries kickinthecherries 9 years
I like to mix the Van Gogh dutch chocolate vodka with club soda. The flavor of the cocoa is so strong, you can do it without sugar! It's like a chocolate soda with a kick!
ncharden ncharden 9 years
i agree with radnessa- blueberry press (with lemon) is awesome! but i have always known presses to be made with club soda, not tonic water. i don't think tonic would be very good eith sprite. and if you're watching your calories (you probably shouldn't be drinking, but where's the fun in that?) just go with blueberry/ your fav flavored vodka with club soda and a lemon or lime twist. leaving the soda out cuts calories and sugar-which is often what leads to a hangover.
RadNessa RadNessa 9 years
I'd strongly suggest using Stoli Blueberry Vodka in this recipe... Blueberry Press' are my fave drink! :)
busybeegal busybeegal 9 years
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
can you say "YUM"
tkoblondee tkoblondee 9 years
This sounds so refreshing. I'll try it for sure!
lexichloe lexichloe 9 years
Sounds great!
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
I love vodka and will definitely try this :cocktail:
IC IC 9 years
I'll try
leigha926 leigha926 9 years
yum :)
mishelleanne mishelleanne 9 years
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
mollywog mollywog 9 years
This sounds pretty good! But I think I'd use club soda for sure, the thought of mixing vodka, tonic and Sprite sounds a bit weird.
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