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Happy Hour: Watermelon Vodka Cooler

You didn't think I was going to let National Watermelon Day pass without featuring a watermelon cocktail did you?!? Watermelon, while wonderfully delicious in its pure unadulterated form, is also extremely excellent pureed and used as a basis for a cocktail. Combine it with lemon vodka, simple syrup, and fresh berries, watermelon makes this vibrantly colored drinkie perfectly refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. With a blitz of a blender, this concoction comes together in seconds. To get the recipe and salute watermelon,

Watermelon Vodka Cooler
From Cook (Almost) Anything

½ cup berries of your choice
1 cup watermelon
1½ ounces Lemon Vodka
½ ounce sugar syrup
½ cup ice

  1. Add the berries, watermelon, vodka and ice to a blender and process.
  2. Taste and depending on the fruit you may need to add the sugar syrup.
  3. Pour into tumblers and serve.

Serves 2.

Source: Flickr User chantoozie

flavorflavor flavorflavor 10 years
what a perfect cocktail for summer!
mizz_jennii mizz_jennii 10 years
that sounds awesome for happy hour :)
misslilyfication misslilyfication 10 years
yum have to give this a try! my pina coladas were a diaster though so wish me luck..
malzie89 malzie89 10 years
thank youso much!
Food Food 10 years
mazlie - do a google search for "food holidays" - there are many resources out there (some of them with conflicting info) - before we post a day as a national day here on YumSugar, we always make sure that it's listed in several places. hope that helps!
malzie89 malzie89 10 years
yum or party, do you have a list of all the "national" days? like watermelon day or pina colada day? or do you know a website that has them..cuz i'd realyy like to have a copy for futre party planningg!
megafie megafie 10 years
Yum - I'm making this for my bbq next week
Curious-Alice Curious-Alice 10 years
This sounds delicious! Can't wait to try it.
Phil Phil 10 years
I made something like that a lot last summer. Instead of berries, I used berry juice and instead of lemon vodka, I went with plain old grey goose, and I didn't add any sugar (I figure I got enough of that from the berry juice). It was delicious and I think I'm craving one right now!
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
oh yummy!
chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 10 years
Me ghusta mucho.
JDLJack01 JDLJack01 10 years
norak norak 10 years
i could go for some of that right now! my mouth is watering.
CamillaCat CamillaCat 10 years
this looks really good!
jhuck jhuck 10 years
I had a watermelon martini once and wow. I love any drink made with watermelon, so I'm going to have to try this one!
ALSW ALSW 10 years
Yummmmm...I'd rather a watermelon margarita or martini, but I could give this a try!
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