If you were shocked by Audrina Partridge and Padma Lakshmi's lascivious Carl's Jr. commercials, then wait until you see what the company's up to now. Hardee's, the sister brand to Carl's Jr., has debuted "Biscuit Holes," deep-fried, doughnut hole-shaped biscuits that are iced with cinnamon sugar. To come up with a more creative moniker, however, Hardee's is asking customers for help through a new campaign titled "Name Our Holes." Customers can submit their name ideas on the campaign's microsite, NameOurHoles.com, where they can also view other entries.

In the TV spot below, consumers offer up names ranging from "hole munchers" to "puffy nuts." I don't know about you, but I think Hardee's is taking toilet humor a little too far — just watching the clip makes me feel kind of dirty. In your mind, is the campaign funny and successful, or simply gross and immature?