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Have You Ever Made Bread?

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asims asims 9 years
I made some Apple Bread during the holidays...yummmm.
tati33 tati33 9 years
I've baked corn bread too
Soniabonya Soniabonya 9 years
Pan de muerto, banana bread and corn bread. . . not much. I would love to make a regular good old fashioned bread. something healthy, whole wheat and low in calories. Anyone know a low calorie bread recipe? i don't have a bread maker though. :(
krazykarot krazykarot 9 years
i mostly make banana bread but i've made more traditional breads in the past. I'd love to get back into the habit and make more of my own bread at home. I'm not even afraid to knead a bit
Hautie Hautie 9 years
I make yeast rolls at least twice a month. Which are just incredible. The recipe is one from my family... so I saw it made alot growing up so I don't find it hard to make. The one thing that took time for me to master... was making homemade cinnamon rolls.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 9 years
yes I have
EllasMom EllasMom 9 years
It is so hard these days to find bread that doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup or other additives that is really cheap. It's easier to make my own. That way I know what's in it!
Kim-23 Kim-23 9 years
Me and my sister used to help our mom make bread when we were little. She would make the Amish Friendship Bread all the time. It was a long time ago, but its a great memory to think about. That is definately a tradition that I would love to start doing again.
designergirl designergirl 9 years
As a person who wants to makes cakes and pies all the time, I got into making bread in an effort to be a bit healthier. I love making bread the old fashioned way. The results are always worth it!
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
No but I want to in the future.
sophia_HL sophia_HL 9 years
I make my own bread about twice a week. My father taught me how to bake it, but he has a wood oven which makes it even more delicious. I like it better than store bought because I know I am using fresh ingredients with no chemicals. Plus I make it with 100% whole wheat flour, so I know I am getting fiber.
curli curli 9 years
I work in a grocery store bakery on week-ends. So I bake bread all the time!
retrodiva retrodiva 9 years
I love making oatmeal bread. Occasionally I use my bread maker, but mostly I like to make it by hand the old fashioned way. :)
tkoblondee tkoblondee 9 years
I have! But not for awhile, I'm just too busy, and we try to go as low card as possible anyway...
SleepyCorinne SleepyCorinne 9 years
I love baking, and I've made honey whole wheat bread and challah before. A couple nights ago, I made "Golden Sweet Cornbread" and it was GREAT!
Marci Marci 9 years
I did once, and without a bread machine. It was a committment of several hours of my life, with kneading, letting it rise for 2 hours, kneading again.......and when it was done it was good! But my fiance said '.....and how much does it cost to just buy a loaf?'
stefsprl stefsprl 9 years
I just told my husband that I want to buy a bread machine so we (or really, I) can starting making bread for us! I've never tried it, but I'm excited to. Sorry if that makes me a baking nerd. :)
holleighz holleighz 9 years
baking my own bread is on my to-do list. for now, i take full advantage of living just around the corner from one of boston's best bakeries.
emalove emalove 9 years
Yes, with my bread maker!! :) And, of course, I know how to make banana bread and pumpkin bread.
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 9 years
i have made lots of banana bread in my day and have tried to make 'real' bread with yeast ... i have no skills in that area. i rely heavily on the packages that are sold to go in a bread machine!
phonetic phonetic 9 years
Where's the "tried and failed miserably" option? ;)
Bookish Bookish 9 years
Almost every week- my husband and kids beg for it!
CoconutPie CoconutPie 9 years
Good bread is so cheap and easy to buy, why would I start making it myself. I prefer spending my time on something else (and more fun). I really don't enjoy baking.
krEnElk krEnElk 9 years
of course in a bread machine :rotfl:
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
Just banana bread.
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