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Savory Sight: Hawaiian Wedding Cake

Dec 19 2012 - 3:15am

Julie Keller's [1] yellow cake loaded with fresh pineapple and topped with maraschino cherries makes for a delicious, fruit-filled dessert — no wedding [2] needed!.
I love baking things from scratch, and I believe in eating real food, but to everything there is a season, including cake mix. I could get self-righteous about it all day long, but if you dangled a slice of Hawaiian Wedding [3] Cake in front of my face, I’d have to relent. And grab a fork. Because it’s a big ole trashy diva of a cake, but I love it.

For her recipe, check out her blog [4], and then be sure to share your food photos through our Savory Sights community group [5] or by starting your own blog [6]. If you're on Instagram, then chime in on the conversation with the hashtag #savorysight.

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