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Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day
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Heinz Baked Beans to be Renamed Heinz Beanz

Heinz: Baked Beanz Needed a "Makeover"

Are Heinz Baked Beanz too much of a mouthful?

Citing difficult pronunciation, Heinz will be dropping the word "baked" from the Heinz Baked Beanz label and changing the official title to Heinz Beanz, the Telegraph reports. Four years ago, Heinz changed the "s" of beans to "z" to modernize the brand. Now the company explained why the popular British shelf item, which will retain its distinctive teal tin, is ready for another name change:

Heinz Beanz have been powering the nation for over a hundred years, and to say thank you to our loyal fans, we have given this iconic product a 21st century makeover.

Do you think Heinz made a wise choice in ditching the word baked? How will it impact their brand, positively or negatively? In general, what are your thoughts on food companies rebranding classic items to be more modern?


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