On this week's episode of Hell's Kitchen, the heat was turned up as the contestants were once again taught the importance of masterfully learning basic culinary skills. Last week it was all about frying the perfect egg and this week it was all about prepping fish. The show started off with the girls in turmoil from the recent elimination of team member Tiffani, and the boys united in their concern for the weakest link in their team, Aaron. Both teams are woken before 6am to "go catch fish." Excitement quickly melts into annoyance as Ramsay's cronies throw whole, frozen fish at the wannabe chefs from a truck. To see what happens when things turn a little fishy in Hell's Kitchen, including my fav Ramsay quotes of the week,

The boy's team starts to slowly fall apart with Eddie, the little guy, enduring countless fish jokes and pressure from Ramsay and his team to get big and take control. Aaron suffers from severe cramping while transporting the fish and ends up spending the majority of the day passed out on the couch. After demonstrating how to skin and de-roe the expensive, yet delicious Dover sole, Ramsay gives the teams thirty minutes to prep as many fish as they can. The skinned fish have to meet Ramsay's high standards before he declares the dover sole, either (think Heidi in Project Runway here) in or out. The boys end up with 8 Dovers that are in and the girls win with 9 Dovers that are in. They are rewarded with a fishing trip on the Pacific, lunch on the boat, and some alone time with Ramsay, who gives the team a little pep talk. Is it me or is good old Gordon starting to get on my good side?? Maybe he is just a grumpy teddy bear who likes to yell?

The real challenge begins when the teams are put back in the kitchen for their second chance at a dinner service. As part of the boy's punishment, Ramsay picks Aaron to fillet, debone, and serve the Dover sole tableside. Eddie can't make spaghetti nor risotto and Aaron sweats his way through the job, taking more than 15 minutes to debone the fish. By this time the fish is cold and the customer unhappy. The girl's glide along, taking the tips from Ramsay and actually work as a team, cheering one another on. The crowd is pleased with the girl's appetizers and they serve the majority of their main courses. The boys continue to fail and the straw that breaks Ramsay's back (and a few plates) is Josh who can't find the right balance of cooked pastry to raw meat in his beef Wellington. Ramsay kicks the boys out of the kitchen and has the girls finish the dinner service.

It's obvious the boys are the losing team, and Ramsay picks Rock to nominate two of the boys for elimination. Surprisingly easy on cry baby Aaron, Rock chooses Eddie and Josh. In the end, Ramsay asks Eddie, the small guy who couldn't come out of his shell, to hang up his chef's coat.

And now my favorite part of Hell's Kitchen: the Ramsayisms. Here are my top 5 quotes from last night's episode:

  • "Don't look so unhappy about it... Are you dizzy? Would you like a tissue?"
  • "What in the f**k is Aaron doing in Hell's Kitchen? Get that f**king donkey outta there. You're in the dining room shaking hands like the f**king president of the United States of America, what was that all about?"
  • "Are you a dumb blonde? ...f**king barbie"
  • "All of you taste it. It's inedible, it's way too peppery and you wouldn't even serve it to a f**king pig"
  • "I think you are one big fake full of piss and wind."
  • I have to get this off my chest, it has nothing to do with food: What was up with the girls running around the house in hot pants??? How could they not realize that the boys were asking them to "pick up this" and "get that" in order to check out more of their womanly assets??

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