While nobody burned in hell on last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen, there was plenty of the usual mayhem. Dishes were burnt, Gordon was angry, and the Hell's B*tches (the loving nickname to the all-female team) were back in full force. Forgive me if these recaps have started to sound a little like the Hell's Kitchen narrator, but I just can't help it... For the first time in Hell's Kitchen history, the teams cater a wedding as their challenge (hmm... sounds strangely like the first episode of the Next Food Network Star). To see what happened when the contestants created a meal for the most memorable day of one lucky (??) couple's life,

The teams are brought by SUV to Bristol Farms where Ramsay informs them that they will be catering a wedding the following day. Each team has $100 and 30 minutes at the grocery store to create a tasting menu of three dishes: an appetizer, a fish, and a meat dish. Back at the kitchen the teams are given an hour to prepare their 3 dishes for the bride and groom, who are coming in to taste and choose the wedding reception menu.

Melissa takes it upon herself to become the leader of the red team. Instead of leading, she rudely bosses the girls around, doesn't allow Bonnie to answer any questions and second guesses Julia's ability to properly cook duck. In the end, she is the one who overcooks the duck and declares it unfit for the bride and groom to taste. The bride and groom prefer the boy's crab appetizer to the girl's dessert-like brie/strawberry/puff pastry dish and the girl's fish over the boy's. Melissa throws a tantrum stating that the girl's duck should not be presented to the bride and groom. Ramsay overrules her and poor Jen is left trying to describe a plain, overcooked duck breast.

The boys win a trip to a day spa while the girls are left to transform Hell's Kitchen into a beautiful wedding. Melissa is super condescending and the girls, myself, and anyone watching begin to despise her. On the day of the wedding, she really screw up by oxidizing and over-cooking potatoes, causing tension between her and Rock and accidentally spilling all of the girl's sabayon into the water bath. Not even Ramsay can take anymore of her behavior, puts her in her place and demands that Jen lead the red team.

The girls are the obvious losers and Ramsay asks Jen to nominate two of her teammates for elimination. She picks Melissa and Bonnie. When Ramsay calls Melissa forward and asks her to remove her chef's coat, he shocks them all by handing her a blue coat and telling her she will be cooking on the boy's team now. Bonnie is sent back to the line as Ramsay leaves us all anticipating what will go down next week, when we once again meet in Hell.

There were tons of good Ramsayisms and here are my top 5:

  • You're standing there acting like a jumped up little cave woman... now do as you're told.
  • Bloody well done, you won hands down.
  • When was the last time you had a massage? Never? Make sure you keep your pants on.
  • Shut the f**k up for 30 seconds and you might learn something. Now stop being a stubborn little b*tch and move your ass.
  • Oh piss off you little sabotage.

Usually I think Ramsay is too mean, but his cave woman nickname for Melissa was right on. What is up with her hair? And what on earth is on her chin, does she have a goatee??

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