Was it just me or was last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen somewhat entertaining? After catching the snooze fest that was the Food Network's shameful Next Star, Hell's Kitchen - with a gentler Ramsay (gentler = he did not break any plates) and glamorous photoshoot - was actually kind of fun. Melissa brought the boys down in battle lobster, Rock threw a temper tantrum, and Bonnie made something that impressed chef Ramsay. For all that and more

Following last week's elimination switch up - Melissa was moved to the boys team to prove herself - both sides are thinking positively. In a creative challenge, each team is given one hour to make 3 original lobster dishes. Josh is not allowed to participate because he mis-tasted lobster during the blind tasting. Bonnie turns into a whiny b*tch stating that she hates killing lobster, doesn't want to dip her hand into the tank for the shellfish, and blah, blah, blah. She then shocks everyone - herself included - with a tasty grilled lobster salad. Rock wins the second course with his buttermilk, fried lobster, and it comes down to a tough choice between Jen and Brad's respective lobster bisques. Ramsay declares the girls as winners and they find out that their glamorous prize is to appear with Ramsay in (this week's edition?) InTouch magazine. They are whisked off in a limo, guzzling champagne, while the blue team is left to sort through the trash.
The girls have a fabulous time glamming it up: Bonnie looks gorgeous, Jen looks a little tipsy, and Julia looks out of place (but doesn't she always? that's why I love her!) as they pose Charlie's Angels style - guns replaced by kitchen appliances - with chef Ramsay. Rock's anger builds as he is sent to empty the trash bins at the photoshoot. Luckily he is in a better mood by the time dinner service starts. The girls, perhaps on a high from being in a photoshoot, have an exceptional night with only a few blunders (Bonnie starts a fire, Julia has a breakdown). The boys+Melissa, perhaps still feeling gross from digging thru the trash all day, can't seem to do anything right. Brad ruins the risotto, Melissa fails to realize/admit that she overcooked the monkfish, Josh bumbles around like a clown, and the entire team runs out of mashed potatoes way before the majority of their dinners are sent out, forcing Ramsay to shut them down.

Obvious losers, the blue team is asked to nominate 2 people for elimination. At the chopping block Ramsay calls Melissa forward and sends her home (good riddance crazy!). Next he asks Brad and Josh to step up to the plate leading everyone to believe that he is about to boot another contestant! Instead Ramsay reiterates how crappy they were and tells them politely to get back in line and get the f*ck out of Hell's Kitchen.

And so another episode ends but not without some excellent sayings by the chef we love to hate, Gordon Ramsay:

  • Jen just watch where you are rolling that pizza cutter.
  • I call away a spaghetti and get a sea bass, and I get a risotto as a little gift I don't even f**king need.
  • Everything she touches she screws, yes chef no chef, screw that.
  • It looks like regurgitated dog food.
  • Blue team, let's put you out of your misery. You were crap. You got beat by a nanny, a waffle house cook, and a pastry chef.
  • Does anyone else think that the girls "won" the challenge because the pic for InTouch would look hotter?? I mean chef Ramsay surrounded by a bunch of male chefs...not so hot.

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