Forgot to set your Tivo to reality television's most fiery food contest? Have no fear, I watched Hell's Kitchen for you! The battle of the sexes was back as the six cheftestants were tested on their resourcefulness and creativity. Challenged first with leftovers, and later with planning their very own menus, both teams ran into plenty of obstacles. Bonnie bitched, Josh failed, Rock complained, and Julia shone (woo-hoo!). Ramsay yelled, kicked garbage cans, and shot (yes with a real gun!) a contestant (or 2). For all the details and more,

The teams are given a tray of leftover ingredients that includes white wine, spaghetti, vegetable stock, beef, and chicken. They have 30 minutes to create 3 dishes. At the silver plated showdown, Bonnie and Brad begin. Chef likes the dishes: a rustic tomato, chicken soup and fancy curried bass with crustacean tomato pasta, respectively, and awards both teams 1 point. Jen's steak and eggs are too simple and Josh's chicken legs are bathed in a highly acidic sauce, so neither get a point. It comes down to Julia and Rock. While Ramsay enjoys Julia's fish & chips he finds it disappointing for the level of competition and awards Rock's surf & turf the winning point.

As their reward, the boys are invited to a paintball fight with Ramsay, 3 against 1. The girls have to clean Hell's Kitchen and unload the deliveries. Later the contestants find out that the dinner service will be the most serious because (for the first time) the teams will create their own menus of 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 3 desserts. The diners can choose from either the red or the blue menu. After a lot of grumbling no one is really satisfied with the menus. Ramsay questions Julia's contribution and find out that all of her ideas were overruled by Jen and Bonnie. He pulls another dish and substitutes Julia's strip steak and shrimp.

During the dinner course, 52 red and 48 blue menus are ordered with the majority being Julia's steak. The girl's struggle to make Bonnie's bacon wrapped rabbit (bet you can't say that 5 times fast!), bicker, and lose communication and team spirit. Josh brings the boys down with his total inability to cook lamb, but when Ramsay demands that someone help him, neither Rock or Brad go to Josh's aid. In the end, Ramsay praises Julia for her consistency and asks her to select a girl for elimination. The boys are left to nominate amongst themselves. At elimination Julia nominates Bonnie for her failure to execute (and forgetfulness to turn on the stove!) and Brad martyrs himself. Ramsay asks Brad to leave because when looking for a leader, all Brad was was a cook.

You waited all week for it and it's finally here! My top 5 Ramsayism's from last night's show plus 1 extra that we shall entitle, Words of Wisdom To Live By by Gordon Ramsay:

  • You're a professional chef? I expect more from you: The chicken's not cooked all the way through, the sauce is disgusting, yeah? And the dish is just crap.
  • Where's the lamb? How long please? Hey you! Hey donkey one's nicely cooked and one's boiled! Under pressure now and this is where it separates a f**king chef from a donkey! Come here, let me tell you something, let me tell you something in your ear, you can't cook! Thats what's just been confirmed to me! Yah you're coming, so is your f**king elimination!
  • Hey Josh, I wouldn't trust you with a hot dog stand.
  • Jen don't stand there looking all sad like a little lonely puppy.
  • Hey missy turn the f**king gas on... you should be f**king ashamed of yourself!
  • To be successful as an individual, you have to be successful as a team

Now for some rhetorical questions to get you all thinking: How in the hell did Ramsay beat all 3 boys at paintball? What do you think Bonnie thought when she saw her face being used as a target for paintball practice? Were those really leftovers, or was it raw pieces of meat? Did Ramsay call Josh a doughnut?? What's the deal with the steaming pots on stove at elimination?

And finally, a totally unrelated side note: Ramsay's bad boy persona and hot shot chef are starting to get to me...I think I've developed a school girl crush!

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