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Hell's Kitchen - 3.8 Recap

Hell's Kitchen - 3.8 Recap

This week we found our favorite chefs of Hell's Kitchen narrowed down to the last five: Bonnie, Jen, Julia, Rock, and Josh. Before things get boiling, Ramsay tells the cheftestants they will no longer be working in separate teams, boys vs. girls. Instead, the five will cook, clean, and cooperate as one big happy family. Bickering and bitching abounds, Ramsay loses it (surprise, surprise), and Bonnie has her best night ever. For all this and more - including what happens when the chefs feed some of L.A's most prominent trendsetters -

In the day's first challenge, the final five must feed trendsetters. Blindfolded, they are driven to an off-site location where they will find the, "people with their fingers on the pulse." Although they are expecting celebrities, the chefs find themselves in the middle of a high school cafeteria. Given an hour to prepare a school lunch for 100 high school kids, the chefs - who are working individually against one another - get down to business. Rock makes Kobe beef meatloaf sandwiches, Josh does a baked salmon, Julia whips up grilled cheeses and onion rings, Bonnie tosses a salad with fried goat cheese, and Jen boils up a chicken and pasta dish. The chefs personally serve their lunches and chummily chat up the students. With over 51% of the student votes, the wining prize of a romantic glamourous getaway to Las Vegas with Ramsay, goes to Julia who picks Jen as her escort to Vegas. The gals are whisked off, champagne in hands, to board Ramsay's private jet. The losing three are left to vacuum, clean, and iron the linens of the Hell's Kitchen dining room.

In Vegas, Julia and Jen are given the royal treatment: lux suite, Cristal champagne, spa treatments, and lunch with last season's HK winner Heather West. Back at the chopping block, for the first time in Hell's Kitchen history, the men and the women have to work together. Rock overcooks the scallops and Josh jumps the gun by preparing both risotto and spaghetti before anyone has even ordered it. Julia screws up her garnishes and is overall not on. Several of Josh's risottos get sent back for being undercooked and Ramsay violently kicks Josh out of the kitchen and off the show.

The four are left to finish the service. Julia fumbles, Bonnie takes the lead, Jen perfectly seasons Josh's risottos, and Rock throws an immature temper tantrum when the girls push him into cooperating. After much arguing between Rock (could Rock be any more of a complete jerk???) and Jen, the dinner service is finally over. Bonnie is chosen to select two of her teammates for elimination. She picks Rock (for being such an asshole) and Julia (for falling off her game). Ramsay says it's the hardest decision he has made so far and with a huge hug, asks Julia to hang up her chef's coat. For all of her potential, improvement, and hard work, he awards her a full ride to culinary school along with job placement aid when she graduates - who would have thought Ramsay was such a nice guy???
Oh that Ramsay, isn't he just full of surprises? And insults? Here are my top five Ramsayisms from last night:

  • Open wide Josh, you do have a talent, you can catch champagne!
  • Ladies, you didn't think we were going to be traveling commercial, did you?
  • We've opened, we haven't served anything yet but we've lost money! What a f**king doughnut.
  • Even my mom cooks spaghetti seven minutes before she wants it... We cook spaghetti to order, even the f**king dirtiest, scummiest Italian restaurant in Venice Beach cooks spaghetti to order!
  • Oh my god almighty! Come here you, what the fuck are you doing? You stand there and you screw me. You are f**king useless, get out! Get out! *throws spoon at Josh's head*

Finally a few things to think about until we meet Ramsay & Co again: Wasn't it cute how they got so excited about getting new chefs jackets? Wasn't it obvious that Julia was going to win the high school food challenge? I mean kids don't want food their parents will make them! Baked salmon? Chicken & pasta? Hello! Obviously the high schoolers are going to like the onion rings the best, come on!

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Join The Conversation
haze1nut haze1nut 10 years
i can't believe julia lost!! i was rooting for her a 100%, she was the underdog with common sense. can't believe bonnie is still there, i really don't like her.....and ROCK! i can't believe rock is still there!! jen is okay. but still.....JULIA!! aw i can't believe it.
SapphireSky SapphireSky 10 years
We were really pulling for Julia. So glad Ramsay is going to help her out- hopefully its not the last we hear or see of her!
smp7328 smp7328 10 years
that was awesome to see how he treated julia; i was sad to see her go. rock should have been the one to go; he's a jerk; i hope now that bonnie wins it all!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
He was so sweet to Julia. I loved her from the beginning, she just seemed so nice. I'm glad that she had a nice departure. I love to see Ramsay smile, it's so hot.
ccy ccy 10 years
I'm sorry... Culinary School paid for by Ramsey as well as job placement aid when she's finished! For Julia, that is a million times better then winning the show. Hands down!
tmariej tmariej 10 years
Julia is a superstar. She just ended up being the go to scapegoat. Bonnie could have nominated Jen, then Rock would have gone home. She didn't cause she knows Julia would have ended up in the top two not her. Julia wins though. She's gonna come back and dominate. Ramsey is so awesome.
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
I agree with everyone, Julia has a potential to be great chef: she obviously can cook and knows what the customers wants, i.e. her steak being the most ordered last week and now the "trendsetter" challenge. I think the culinary school will just make her even a bette chef than the rest of the chefs left in the show. But yeah, it will be down to Jen and Rock.
LaLa0428 LaLa0428 10 years
I was also sad to see Julia go. But, I think with culinary school she is going to be an amazing chef. I was shocked and thrilled Ramsay made her that offer.
fireyelectra fireyelectra 10 years
I'm sad that Julia is gone, but I am happy that Ramsay is paying for her to go to culinary school. That's really awesome of him.
dolceaddict dolceaddict 10 years
I loooooooooovvvveee Julia!!! she should have won but hey she has Gordon Ramsey paying for your education and gets a job on top of that. To bad for the others that got elimanated who would have thunk it.
hvnly34 hvnly34 10 years
I was SO glad that Ramsay is going to pay for Julia to go to culinary school. Even though she left, I am sure this will change her life for the better in the major way. Rock is a d*ck...
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Julia was so obviously going to win the challenge but it was so sad to see her go. Thankfully she is off to school on Ramsays (or the producers) dime. That was so nice of him to recognize her potential. Im thrilled for her! Thank goodness Josh has left the show. Gee whiz, took him long enough!
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
This show is still on??? Kidding. I just hate watching it. Too tense.
rbex rbex 10 years
Not sure if I want to continue watching. I don't think any of the remaining "chefs" deserve to win. I was really hoping Julia would win, but now I realize that with the culinary school, something even better may be in store for her.
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