Warning: Viewer discretion advised.

And so began the final episode of Hell's Kitchen and the final installment of my weekly recaps. In a somewhat anticlimactic finish, tempers raged, seafood was under/over cooked, tears fell freely, and a winner was selected. Things began where we left them last week with the return of the battle of the sexes. Bonnie is relaxed with her approach to leading the ladies and Rock goes in strong and fierce assigning the boys their stations, explaining the menu, and stating what he needs from each guy. To find out what happened next and who opened the door to their very own restaurant,

The finalists and their posses arrive at the kitchen ready to prep and practice the menus. Throughout the day, Bonnie and Rock receive updates on their re-designs of Hell's Kitchen. Bonnie's half is simplistic and classic and reminds Ramsay of a neighborhood hideaway. Rock's half is comfortable and elegant and Ramsay describes it as a homestyle bistro. With an hour till service, the finalists present a tasting of their menus to Chef Ramsay. He approves of the majority of their dishes, but asks both Bonnie and Rock to change up elements of the desserts. After one last pep talk and a present from Ramsay - real master chefs coats, Jean Phillipe opens Hell's Kitchen.

As to be expected, each team stumbles and screws up, yet the excitement that was once there is oddly missing. The boring dinner service drags on with Julia being a bitter loser, Josh unable to cook crab cakes, and Melissa equally unable to cook shrimp and pasta. The girls fail to communicate and quickly run out of both fettuccine and prawns for Bonnie's signature dish. Meanwhile, Rock must adjust for his teammates inadequate culinary skills and nearly fires Josh from the line.

Finally the long dinner service ends with all of the appetizers, entrees, and desserts making it out of the kitchen. Ramsay faces his wannabe restaurateurs questioning what they would have done differently to make the night more successful. Bonnie regrets not checking the quantity of food at her stations and Rock wishes he could have chosen Jen as a member of his team.

Before announcing the winner, Ramsay sends Bonnie and Rock up to the dorms so he can read the feedback and comments from the diners. Upon making his (or was it the producer's or the Green Valley Ranch's?) decision, Ramsay leads Bonnie and Rock to two doorways. Only one will open into the restaurant and whoever stands in front of the unlocked door is the winner. The drumming music quickens, the camera flashes from Ramsay's face to Bonnie's face to Rock's face to a burning fire and back again. Ramsay counts 1, 2, 3 and --- Fox cuts to commercial. The break quickly passes, the dramatic build up is repeated and Rock's door opens! Rock wins, everyone hugs, and even Bonnie, whose positive thinking I admire, and Ramsay sprays champagne all over the contestants. Congratulations Rock! Congratulations PartySugar you can have your Monday nights back!
But wait... no final episode is complete without some fabulous little quotes from our hero Ramsay (who was really nice tonight... perhaps because he knew the end was near?):

  • No salt and pepper on the tables? You'd like them to think it's well seasoned when it comes!
  • You run it or it runs you.
  • Rock I'm not impressed. It's dry on the outside and piss in the middle.
  • Tough that one. You know what it's like now, standing on the hot plate.
  • I can see why you're called Rock 'cause you're rock solid.

What did you guys think? Were you happy with Rock being crowned the winner? Could you believe the chef's starting salary is $250,000? Why do you think Julia turned into a total b*tch? How did Bonnie handle her loss? Is Ramsay always in such a bad mood because he has a contract to be on reality tv?

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