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Hell's Kitchen Recap 5.2

Hell's Kitchen Recap 5.2

Last night was only the second episode of Hell's Kitchen, but I already feel disappointed by the turn of events: My favorite contestant went home. To hear what I thought of the show (warning: spoilers ahead!) and share your two cents,


  1. Did it surprise you that Coi apologized to Lacey?
  2. How could you not laugh out loud when Colleen fell into putrid-smelling crate while bobbing for scallops?
  3. I learned a lot from Gordon's scallop shucking 101. Have you ever shucked scallops?
  4. Don't you wonder how Gordon selects people to sit out and/or to do dinner service?
  5. Were you half expecting someone to cut himself during the shucking challenge?
  6. Have the producers honed in on all of Lacey's bad moments? Only three of her six scallops passed, and she got the brunt of Gordon's beef — but just one out of 10 of Paula's made the cut! Does she have no work ethic, or simply not enough self-confidence? If it were you dealing with Lacey, would you have taken the Carol approach or the Ji approach?
  7. Did you think it was creepy that Seth knew so much about Gordon's personal life?
  8. Why would Gordon have Robert take the ferry to Catalina Island, only to have him turn around and go right back?
  9. Do you think Colleen really is a cooking school teacher and owner? How is that possible?
  10. Were Colleen and Lacey the right people to be up for elimination? What about Carol? Don't you think she came down a little too hard on Lacey, and not enough on herself?
  11. Were you shocked when Ji sent herself home?

If you didn't catch the episode, here are my favorite quotes from the show:

LA, on scallops: I have no experience with scallops. I didn't know they came in shells.

Lacey, on shucking scallops: If the people on earth that ate scallops saw the scallop like that, they wouldn't eat 'em.

Gordon, realizing no one in HK had ever shucked scallops: Un-shucking-believable!

Gordon, to Colleen: You frazzle my mind. Every time I look at you, I think headache.

Photos courtesy of Fox

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