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Hell's Kitchen Recap, Season 5, Episode 3

Hell's Kitchen Recap 5.3

Last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen was very interesting. Ironically, it was both one of the most disgusting challenges and one of the most glamorous episodes. I can't imagine being the losing team — their punishment was so revolting that I felt sick watching them — and I envied the winners, who took an extravagant trip to Santa Ynez wine country via private jet. To read my opinions of the episode (spoilers ahead!), and share your thoughts,


  1. Would the two-part beef cut identification challenge have intimidated you?
  2. Can you imagine how tired the chefs must have been? If I were operating on three hours of sleep, I wouldn't be able to think straight either! (I still, however, wouldn't have pulled a Lacey and labeled the front of the cow with the "bottom-round" cut.)
  3. Which team have you been rooting for: red or blue? Which seems stronger to you?
  4. Would you have done what Robert did and given up your wedding plans to be on HK?
  5. Eating cow kidney, tongue, and liver after cutting apart a cow would have made my stomach turn, too. Would you have gotten sick like many of the girls did?
  6. I think steakhouse vet Giovanni deserved to be nominated for his poor performance on the grilling station. Was getting rid of Charlie the right decision? Should Seth have gone home instead?
  7. Who are the sharpest cheftestants? Which ones are your favorites?

If you didn't catch the episode, here are my favorite quotes from the show:

Gordon, on Seth: Where's the off button?

Colleen: Chef Ramsay's the arrogant, vicious attack dog.

Andrea, on Lacey: Oh, I sure have a bitch switch, and you f*cking hit it ever f*cking time . . . Couldn't Lacey have fell and twisted her ankle?

Gordon, on too-rare steak: It's still walking, that f*cking beef!

Robert, on the blue team: We've been on top of the world. It's time to get some humble pie.

Gordon, on Seth's ruined fillet: What are you going to do, get Daddy to buy you a new one?

Photos courtesy of Fox

will205 will205 8 years
the f word most definitely does NOT "rock."
ap711 ap711 8 years
I love reality show competitions and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Gordon Ramsay (The F Word ROCKS), but I can't stand Hell's Kitchen.... I still watch it like a train wreck, but the editing just makes everyone look like complete half-wits. Ramsay has so much charisma that Fox ignores, and Fox really only wants the drama of it for his U.S. shows. I'll always like the BBC shows better, they are actually entertaining and relevent.
fuzzles fuzzles 8 years
Unbelievable. What a way to further cooking.
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