In marketing terms, a trend can't be declared until there is at least three of the same thing. Well, third times a charm and I am officially declaring waitresses dressed as "hot nurses" a trend. Back in December I told you about the Heart Attack Grill in Arizona - and now I can tell you about two new places in Asia.

First there's the hospital-themed restaurant-bar in Tapei, D.S. Music Restaurant, where customers can sit around a hospital bed and order "medicine" from a menu and have it drip into their glasses from a vat suspended from the ceiling.

Second is a bar in Shenzhen (south China) where the bartenders are dressed as nurses and serve wine and drinks from syringes and test tubes.

Those two places, combined with the Heart Attack Grill, definitely equal a trend. What's next? Barmacy? Oh wait, there used to be one of those in New York, not to mention Damien Hirst's defunct fancy Pharmacy in London. Maybe the medical trend is just coming back?

Source: Spluch
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