The cake-cutting ceremony is one moment for which wedding guests are sure to save their appetites — and if they're lucky, they may be looking forward to not one, but two sweet endings. At many weddings, a dessert called a groom's cake will take residence next to the towering white original.

A reliable history of the groom's cake is difficult to trace. Among the many legends, some believe it was served by the groom to the bridesmaids; others say a bride wanted a chocolate cake for her wedding without forgoing the white color scheme. Despite the dessert's nonessential role in the wedding, it's long been traditional in the South, and has made somewhat of a comeback in recent years.

Because the cake is a gift from the bride to the groom, it often reflects the groom's interests and comes in a variety of flavors (although chocolate has been historically popular) and themes (such as sports teams). A groom's cake with a sentimental message is a heartfelt, timely, and surprising wedding present to your significant other. If the idea of another cake at the wedding sounds redundant, consider serving it at the rehearsal dinner, an apropos occasion since the groom's family typically hosts the occasion. What are your thoughts on the wedding tradition?

Source: Flickr User stephen_bolen