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Host a Festive Earth Dinner

Looking for another way to celebrate Earth Day? Then start a new Earth Day tradition by hosting an Earth Dinner. An Earth Dinner is a dinner where you know where each ingredient on your table comes from. It's been completed with local and organic produce, as well as humanely-raised animals. Host your first one this year, and plan to do it each year thereafter.

And, if you're looking for something to discuss during dinner, there's a set of Earth Dinner Cards ($10) to help you out. These creative cards are designed to get you thinking and talking about the foods and folks you love. They say things like, "Describe the first time you tasted something you picked off a tree, vine, stem or pulled out of the ground?" and "Who in your life really understands how to make the food you love?" but you can see more if you download a free set of eight cards.

I think the cards are fun way to get conversation going, and would be neat at Earth Day or any other day. How about you? Would you want a set of these? And would you consider hosting an Earth Dinner?

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HalidLove HalidLove 9 years
OH MY GOODNES! My cousin Douglas Love is author of the Earth Dinner. He also has a children's play called "Be Kind To Your Mother (Earth)" which you can purchase through his website and his publisher. How exciting to find something he has always worked so hard for on a website I love to read! I would reccomend trying to score an interview with him. He is extremely captivating and fun to speak with!
sonnabobble sonnabobble 9 years
meh...sounds like too much work.
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