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10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Hot Chocolate

Jan 10 2011 - 3:05am

Chilly Winter weather means lots of warm-you-up liquids — be it creamy soups [1], steaming coffee, or rich hot cocoa for a sweet treat. If you're looking for some ways to keep hot chocolate from being ho-hum, I've gathered together recipes that will add a kick to your cup of cocoa. From liqueur to spices, here are 10 ways to jazz up your hot chocolate.

Mint Hot Chocolate

This simple recipe [2] uses peppermint extract to give the drink its seasonal flavor.

Mayan Hot Chocolate

Inspired by the movie Chocolat, Mayan hot chocolate [3] has a nutty, spicy bend.

Source: Flickr User boo_licious [4]

Ski Lift

This hot coconut cocktail [5] is slope-ready with peach schnapps and coconut rum in it. Yum!

Mexican Spiced Hot Cocoa

Cinnamon and chipotle pepper spice up regular hot chocolate in this Mexican hot chocolate recipe [6].

Grasshopper Hot Chocolate

A spiked, toasty version [7] of the mint and chocolate drink.

Tijuana Tippler

With coffee and brandy mixed in, this is a hot cocoa recipe [8] I can really get behind!

Nougat Hot Chocolate

Honey and almond [9] hot cocoa is more like a dessert than a drink.

White Hot Chocolate

Using white chocolate [10] instead of milk or dark gives steamy cocoa an unexpected twist.

Hot Caramel Chocolate

Caramel and chocolate [11] are a match made in heaven in this finger-warming beverage.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Or just put together a hot chocolate bar [12] with fixings like candy, liqueur, and espresso for houseguests to create their own creative concoctions.

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