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How to Clean Expensive Wine Glasses

The Best Way to Clean Expensive Wine Glasses

When hosting a dinner party, I like to break out the good china, cloth napkins, and expensive stemware. Although I don't use them everyday, when people are over, I pour wine in Riedel or Waterford glasses. It makes the occasion seem more special. The only downside is having to wash the glasses at the end of the evening. The delicate glasses are easy to break — especially if you don't know the proper technique for washing them. Read on for my tips.

  • Rinse the glasses immediately after using. If you're tired and want to deal with the aftermaths of a party in the morning, fill the glasses with water and set near the sink. This will ensure that the wine doesn't stain the glasses.
  • Wash with warm, not hot water.
  • Fill with water and swirl, several times. Repeat.
  • The folks at Riedel insist that no dishwasher soap is necessary, but I prefer to add a single drop of soap. Swirl, rinse, and repeat until the glasses are clean.
  • To remove lipstick marks, scrub gently with a washcloth.
  • Do a final rinse with cold water and set upside down on a dishtowel to drip dry for a minute.
  • Dry with a cotton or linen towel (do not use terry cloth).
  • To polish, steam the clean glasses over a pot of boiling water. Hold the glass by the base and carefully rub with microfiber towels.
  • When drying the inside of the glass, cradle the bowl of the glass in your left hand and dry carefully with your right hand. Avoid holding from the base because the glass may break.

How do you wash wine glasses?

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winebunny winebunny 4 years
To avoid water spots you have to dry your glasses before you store them. Even better, use Spot-Not ( , the glassware dryer. It has a flexible core that fits into any shape glass and a re-usable microfiber sleeve that dries and polishes glasses without risk of breaking it.
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
I just have my guests take turns standing under the wine box tap. :D
let5ch let5ch 6 years
Good tips. We actually use a product my wife invented to clean her collection of bike bottles (she's a triathlete). It's called Skweet Sport Bottle Wash and it's a soap-free alternative to cleaning plastics, glass and metal containers. We put some Skweet in a sink of warm water and the wine glasses come out sparkling with a bit of rinsing. Used to live in California, so saving water was critical, as it should be. Anyhoo, wanted to share! Check it out and let us know if you want a sample.
jesikah85 jesikah85 6 years
Thank you for these tips!! I once had 4 Riedel wine glasses and I broke 3 out of 4! All during cleaning. I put one upside down to dry in the dishwasher and then I heard Tink! There went number 3, haha! This is great info.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
I broke a wine glass once by sticking my hand in it to clean it with a dish cloth. Now I use a sponge type thing on a stick that kind of looks like Tingeltangel Bob's head. You can probably craft that yourself by cutting a sponge into thin strips and binding them all together, then attaching them to a stick.
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