I must admit I'd been seriously dismayed to see peaches and watermelons being replaced by Fall fruits at the farmers market, but once a myriad of different beets caught my eye, the season managed to redeem itself. From the crimson-red garden beet to the pink-and-white striped Chioggia, these root vegetables come in a range of stunning, jewel-toned hues.They add a punch of color — and a sweet, mildly buttery flavor when cooked — to just about any course. While they're available in California almost year-round, October, it seems, is the time of year when they taste most tender. To find out how to select, store, and enjoy these versatile veggies, read more.

When selecting beetroots at the market, choose small to medium bulbs that are smooth, round, and devoid of any soft spots. Buy beets that are still attached to their stems and leaves; beet tops should appear verdant. Store beets unwashed in a cool place, like the refrigerator crisper, in a plastic bag, where they will keep for two to four weeks. To increase storage life, remove the greens, but be sure to leave at least an inch of the stem. Use gloves to prevent staining if that's a concern.

Below, a few serving ideas that simply can't be beat beet:

When it comes to these divisive vegetables, where do you stand? What's your favorite way to enjoy beets?

Source: User Ed Yourdon