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Some people meditate, some (crazy people) take an ice-cold shower, and some put on their favorite get-ready playlist. What's the ONE thing you do when you wake up that gives you balance and centers your chi for the rest of the day? Comment and win!

New Balance believes that we can feel good as we become addicted to the unexpected pleasures of being active and eating well. Now we want to find out how you keep your life balanced and indulgences in check.

We will be posting a series of questions over the next few weeks asking for your tips to a balanced life — this means FOUR more chances to win! At the end of the contest, one balance-tip-submitter will be selected to win the grand prize (aka checking into the ultimate in indulgence and balance: a spa weekend getaway)!

That's right, share your balancing tips below and be automatically entered for a chance to win a $250 gift card to

So what's your secret to a balanced day of success?

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Erin-from-Long-Island Erin-from-Long-Island 6 years
I love to get a run in first thing. It revs me up more then coffee ever could, clears my head, and gets me ready for the day
sfunkera sfunkera 6 years
ideally, I'd start off with cardio, but I usually have greek yogurt, almonds, and coffee to fuel my morning
BigTexasRedneck BigTexasRedneck 6 years
I take a shower in the evening to wash off the day but always take a quick shower in the A.M. to wake me up & get me inthe right frame of mind for the day.
the1cyn the1cyn 6 years
My job is very stressful. So as long as one part of my life is organized the stress doesn't get to me. So on Sat. I clean, do laudry, errors, grocery shopping, pay bills. So that the rest of the week I have very little stress when i get home. Yes, I still have kids & homework & football practice but it just helps when I don't have to worry about all the other at home.
mbass210 mbass210 6 years
I get my day started off on the right foot by doing some simple deep breathing exercises and simple stretches first thing when I get out of bed. Then I feel better equipped and calm enough to tackle whatever stresses the day might end up throwing my way :)
Ladyd27 Ladyd27 6 years
I have a short tape on a DVD which I listen to every morning. The tape consists of meditating and chanting, which I know sounds strange but it allows you to quiet your mind. Instead of thinking of all the things you have to do for the day, by chanting, your mind is completely cleared and you get a sense of euphoria and relaxation that you didn't think was possible. For the last 5 or so minutes, I listen to the man on the tape speak positive affirmations which you then repeat several times. By the time the tape is over, you feel on top of the world like you can conquer anything that comes your way. It's wonderful. It's my "ME" time, when I can simply be one with the universe and not have anyone bothering me. Before you make fun of me or knock it, try it. It's very addicting.
Ladyd27 Ladyd27 6 years
Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is give thanks to the heavens, to G-d, to whoever you believe in, for another day of life. My morning is my quiet time. I need time alone so I can clear my mind of everything such as what do I have to do for the family on that day's schedule, getting to work on time, leaving in enough time to get to the gym, doing the treadmill for 3 miles at 6.5 incline and at 4.2 miles an hour, follow a structurd diet eating the same foods I've eaten evey day for the last 20 years. I've realized that although we, as humans, do have a say in how we react to the things we are faced with every day, we don't have total control over our lives, regardless of how much time and planning we put into a schedule. We don't need to plan on when we can eat that fattening deesert, just do it when the urge strikes us, we don't have to live in a constant state of deprivation, missing a day or two at the gym won't wreck havoc with our lives. I've learned that life is full of spontaneity because without that, what do we really have to look foreward to in live. It's important to live a clean, healthy lifestyle, hoping it will help us age gracefully and that we will live longer. But there is a fine line between that and not allowing ourselves the spontaneous privileges that occur every day in life. If we don't do something one day, we simply get back on track the next. Guilt should never be a part of our thinking. Life is for the living. We all have one shot on earth and to not enjoy it to it's full potential is a waste. Many say they can do this but the truth is few of us can without meditation, prayer and practice. That's how I strike a balance.
jvanlohn jvanlohn 6 years
When I wake up I do the bicycle in the air while I'm still in bed. This gets my blood pumping and helps me wake up. Then I stretch my legs out (still in bed) and then get up and stretch out of bed. I head for the kitchen and cook myself a balanced breakfast. Balanced means lots of protein, carbs, and usually some dairy. Carbs are a must for immediate energy, protein for long-term energy, and dairy because hey-it's healthy!
Tatianaloraina Tatianaloraina 6 years
I have a crazy day almost everyday. Full time student, full time job, model, and I still stay social. Getting up before dawn and working out makes me feel prepared for the day. I feel like I have a jumpstart above everyone else. I make sure I get a great sweat going!
annc999 annc999 6 years
I dance my butt off! Doesn't feel like exercise, but it sure works!
MsRFane MsRFane 6 years
Bottles, diapers and big smiles! Well of course coffee too!
dkleo10 dkleo10 6 years
I always eat breakfast, it gives me energy, keeps me from getting cranky and sets my day up for healthy eating later.
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 6 years
Before work: Stretching, water, balenced breakfast. Weekend: Water, run, big breakfast.
zc zc 6 years
I start everyday with10 minutes of Yoga stretches, a healthy breakfast and good run. wakes me up and gets me energized for the day ahead!
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 6 years
Every morning, I jolt out of bed the instant my alarm goes off after getting the most amazing night of sleep. I go to the kitchen and mix up a butternut squash, pumpkin, egg white & cinnamon dusted pancake... and while that cooks get ready for the gym. Then when I am eating, I sprinkle this pancake with stevia powder and read the news (it's necessary to know what's going on in this world) and then I head on over to the gym for my daily morning caffeine fix... EXERCISE! Perfect!!!
MyStyleSpot MyStyleSpot 6 years
First thing I do every morning is put on my workout clothes. This gets me in the mood to workout and keeps me from getting out of it. I have found over the last few years when I started working out, that getting the workout done first thing in the morning was the best for me. If i wait until the end of the day, I usually slack. Since I switched to mornings, I workout 4-5 days a week regularly! As an added benefit, I have noticed this helps me start out my day right. If i wait i feel guilty about not working out. When I workout first thing, it gives me a great energy boost and seems to put me in a much better mood, probably because I can then relax knowing I already got my workout in for the day!
tom58 tom58 6 years
i ride my bike everywhere possible
emptywalls09 emptywalls09 6 years
First thing I do is open up the windows and take in some fresh clean air, given it’s not a hot day. Then I go hunting for food in the fridge and make my over to the TV to watch the morning news. I like to know what the world is up to so I'll have something intelligent to talk about around people.
SJO775 SJO775 6 years
A balanced day of success for me means waking up and visualizing exactly how my day is going to unfold. When I visualize I imagine that my day is the best day I've ever had. Work runs smoothly, I get in a great workout, I eat healthy to fully nourish my body and I experience my day with a smile in tow. Rarely does anything ever go wrong in my day, because I set out to establish it's going to be a great day in the first place. :)
lacretia lacretia 6 years
Wake up and STRETCH!
jenniferpryor jenniferpryor 6 years
i make myself a healthy breakfast, it sets the tone for the rest of my day. i've learned that if i don't have a good breakfast, i won't have a good day.
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