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How Do You Invite?

When it comes to inviting guests to a party, I like to send out real invitations by snail mail. If I don't send them by mail, I personally call or text my guests to let them know they have been invited to a party. I never ever send Evites. Call me old fashioned but I hate, HATE, hate Evites. They just don't seem that personal.

Invitations serve two purposes: (1) they provide guests with the necessary information about your party and (2) they create a mood, tone, and ambiance for the party before the party has even begun. With templated uniform Evites you lose step 2 completely. I dislike how the Evite system allows guests to see who is invited and who can and cannot attend. Isn't half the fun of attending a party wondering what exciting and interesting people you will meet there? With Evites not only do you lose the mood of the party but the mystery as well.

Whatever type of invitation you decide to send, you must remember to always put the following information: the what, why, where and when. What is the occasion for the party and why are you throwing it? Are you celebrating your dog's birthday? Your husband's promotion? The season finale of Grey's Anatomy? Let your guests know why you are hosting the event. When is the party? What day and at what time? Where is the party? Is it at your house, a restaurant or a friend's house? Be specific - if it's an afternoon party, state 5 o'clock pm and give directions to the location. Lastly be sure to indicate special extras at the bottom of the invite: RSVP deadlines, requested dress, presents vs no presents, BYOB, etc. all fall into this category.

And, if you really love Evites and insist on using them, be sure to upload a personalized image and spend some time making sure the colorscheme and template fit the mood of your party.

How Do You Invite?

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