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How Do You Order Big Macs Around the World?

In 1988, McDonald's announced their plan to set up 20 golden arches in Moscow. This marked an end to a quiet 10 year-long discussion, and the first Moscow McD's opened that fall. When it did, the people of Moscow were able to plonk down 1% of their monthly salary in order to enjoy a Big Mac. However, they didn't call it a Big Mac. Do you know what they called it? To find out, take our quiz on regional Big Mac variations and names!


How Do You Order Big Macs Around the World?

When customers in Moscow order a Big Mac, what do they ask for?

Join The Conversation
Seka21 Seka21 8 years
i want one now!
mo_ri_ah mo_ri_ah 9 years
"son of mac" cracks me up!
doogirl doogirl 9 years
1/6, I suck at Big Mac questions!
CoconutPie CoconutPie 9 years
BTW, there's less meat in a Big Mac than in a Quarter Pounder (1/5 lb. vs 1/4 lb.)
Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
2/6 LOL ... I sured sucked at that! ;)
lexichloe lexichloe 9 years
0/ I win a free American Big Mac? LOL
luv_bug1211 luv_bug1211 9 years
Ive never had one either! I never really got why someone would want to eat that much meat in a burger.
BlairBear BlairBear 9 years
3/6 I've never had a Big Mac either sonnabobble...I suck too.
sonnabobble sonnabobble 9 years
1/6...i suck!! maybe b/c i've never had a big mac?!
CoconutPie CoconutPie 9 years
4/6. It helped that I speak some Russian.
wrrnsgal wrrnsgal 9 years
Dang, now I am hungry for a Big Mac
nextjen nextjen 9 years
This reminds me of the quarter-pounder Royale-With-Cheese discussion from Pulp Fiction.
jossfan23 jossfan23 9 years
the 2 i got wrong are the 2 places in the world where i've actually gone to a mcdonald's (moscow & germany) ... weird.
brittanyk brittanyk 9 years
I got 3/6 :P
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