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How Does This Photo Make You Feel?

I recently attended the Food & Wine 2007 American Wine Awards. While there I tasted some great wine, and feasted on some tasty eats. The folks from Delfina were serving up tasty pork sandwiches, and as I waited for mine, I snapped this photo. I think it's delicious, but understand that others might not agree. So tell me, how does this photo make you feel?

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Vegaia Vegaia 3 years
The pig was probably smarter than his executioner!
ncsouthpaw ncsouthpaw 9 years
sorry have to ask since so many of you commented on it. what is lord of the flies?
Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
There are alot of vegetarians/vegans round these parts that are really judgey. Whew. Im not revolted, or disgusted. In fact, I love pork. I have no issue with people who will not drink dairy, or eat eggs or eat any kind of animal product. I have no issue with people who eat only chicken and fish and no other meat - whatever works best for you. I believe though that others shouldnt be judgy about folks who choose to eat meat.
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 9 years
Revolting. I'm not vegetarian, but I don't eat red meat or pork - only poultry and some seafood.
tundrababe tundrababe 9 years
I'm a vegetarian, so it's gross to me...but hey, if people can look at this and eat it, more power to them. It bothers me more when people don't want to think about where their food comes from.
bikerchick bikerchick 9 years
@ Random My first reaction was to think of Lord of the Flies too! Glad I'm not the only one. :) I eat pork but will probably not be able to now without that pic popping in to my head.
amber_castaldo amber_castaldo 9 years
It makes my stomach turn. I was a veg for 15 years. I have just recently started back on the meat wagon and let me tell you it has been interesting. I can't cook it and if it had a face staring at me I wouldn't be able to eat it.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years sad.
tata14 tata14 9 years
I personally wouldn’t eat it. However, I think it’s a good way to use all the body parts of the animal, since it’s already dead. For human, when someone dies, we just cremate or bury the body. We can’t do any good things for the world any more after we die. But for the pigs, hungry people can eat their meat, hungry dogs can eat their bones, and in this photo, some people uses the head as a table decoration (some people actually eat the heads and ears, which I don’t have a problem with that). Therefore, the pig didn’t die for nothing.
AMP AMP 9 years
Makes me wanna snort! And just indifferent. I've seen those babies roasting many times.
mnp mnp 9 years
I'd still eat it. It's like eating a fish with the head on...ok, I know, I know...pigs aren't like fishes... It's part of my culture to have pig roasts. I guess I'm used to it.
0danielle0 0danielle0 9 years
I don't eat pork, nor would I want to after seeing that!
nauQ1 nauQ1 9 years
This image is very common in Asian markets so it's not such a big deal to me.
herjoiedevivre herjoiedevivre 9 years
I'm not a big animal lover and I eat meat, but the only food I can eat where the face is actually looking at me is a fish. I don't think I could eat this, truly.
JessNess JessNess 9 years
Im very aware of where my food comes from but because I dont talk about it specially in this forum does not mean that I am ignorant about it. Im very aware and still choose to eat meat, like I said before we are biologically built to eat meat and plant matter. I understand and fully the support the morals behind being a vegetarian but will always be an omnivore. Now if that makes me a hypocrite then so be but I fully realize it. And yes I do love animals (I studied for awhile to be a zoologist)
macgirl macgirl 9 years
I like the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to my food. I just don't need to see it as it walked the earth. I don't like to eat anything off the bone and prefer not to ever see its face.
allisonblue allisonblue 9 years
designergirl, thank you for your support! :) I totally agree with you that everyone should know where their meat AND dairy products come from -- that's why I buy organic cheese and yogurt (I don't care for milk), and organic, cage-free eggs. Most dairy cattle and egg hens are also abused (I'd say the only ones who aren't are the ones on small, family farms). is a great resource for shoppers on the lookout for small farmers who sell meat and dairy products -- many of them will sell you your Thanksgiving turkey, too. I'll stick with Tofurkey, though. ;)
designergirl designergirl 9 years
Allisonblue, I do not think that you have been disrespectful; other commenters have, though. I eat meat, and I am very passionate about it. No one should force others to make a choice to be vegetarian or not. However, everyone should know where their meat and dairy products come from. If people knew how and where they get their meat, factory farming and huge industrial slaughterhouses would no doubt shut down. To me, there's nothing wrong with eating meat as long as you buy your meat from a farm that doesn't treat their animals cruelly. Go to a farmer's market and get meat from animals that was humanely treated. Do your research! I wish everyone would stop buying their prepacked boneless, skinless chicken breasts at the grocery store. Then people wouldn't be so repulsed at the sight of a head, too.
vbalchen vbalchen 9 years
This is a beautiful picture. I'd savor every bite, snout to tail, of this sweet, generous pig. I show respect by only purchasing humanely raised meat, directly from the farmer. I show respect by not wasting a bit of the glorious animal.'s what meat eats.
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 9 years
allisonblue allisonblue 9 years
If you read my comments carefully, the only thing I said directly to other people is that 1) I wish other people would think about the origins of their food, and 2) I think other people are compassionate enough that thinking about the origins of their food would at least give them pause, if not persuade them to change their behaviors. I always try in the Sugar world to be respectful, but I think US culture has a quirk that is very present here -- to be opinionated is to be judgmental, and to be judgmental is always wrong. I respect others' rights to their opinions, but I also have the right to disagree. Meat production in the US is one of my hot-button issues, and I would be lying if I pretended like I did not care one whit whether everyone ate meat or not. What can I say -- I'm a passionate person, and I always have been! I've found the comments from other Sugar members whose family members own farms really interesting, just as I found a conversation about vivisection (which I still don't support, but the merits of which I can understand) with a new friend who works in a lab at my university really interesting. I wish family farms were the norm in the US, but they're not. When I think about pig farms, I think about this:
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