How to Host an Office Baby Shower

On certain occasions, say when someone is getting married or having a baby, it's fun to throw them a small sendoff celebration in the office. With a few simple decorations, you can easily transform any conference room. Recently, a baby shower was hosted for Lisa Sugar, here at Sugar headquarters. In less than 15 minutes, the room was ready for a party. Here's how you can achieve a similar effect:

  1. Spread a large pink paper tablecloth across the table.
  2. Arrange plastic champagne glasses in neat rows and fill with three kinds of sparkling Martinelli's.
  3. Add streamers, confetti, and a baby girl sign. Don't forget themed napkins.
  4. Purchase cupcakes from a local bakery (ours were from Kara's Cupcakes) and take them out of the box. Place on plastic or glass cake stands.
  5. A homemade diaper "cake" is a focal point and centerpiece for the tablescape.

Voila! Instant office baby shower. Have you hosted a party in your office? Share your tips and ideas below.

To check out a bunch more photos of the decor,


I don't think baby showers should be held at the office in any parts or ways. What about a batchelor party? or a batchelorette party - what about liquor, Strippers, and what not. I would take the day off before I was forced to go to a baby shower at work. Keep it after hours or on the weekend for godsake.
Modus Vivendi, it was totally cute!
A baby shower for the boss during the workday? Was that weird?
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