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Burning Question: What's the Best Way to Juice Cherries?

We're in the middle of a new series called Berry Tempting, wherein we feature a new berry each month. In June, when we featured nothing but cherry recipes and cocktails, something dawned on us: fresh cherry juice is a pain to obtain. Not only are cherries annoying to pit, but they're messy to boot! PartySugar wondered: is there an easy way to turn those fresh cherries into cherry juice?

Indeed, there is. In fact, our best suggestion came from the editors at Gourmet, who recommend blending fresh cherries — pits and all — with some water and a vitamin C tablet to halt oxidation. Once the cherries have been pulverized, strain the liquid over a fine mesh sieve, which will leave out the seeds and skins of the fruit, and skim off any top foam. That's it — juicing is easy as (cherry) pie!

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