How to Make Crushed Ice

With warmer weather on the horizon, my thoughts have turned toward mint juleps, mojitos, and other drinks that require crushed ice. You don't need a fancy machine (or new refrigerator) to quickly make crushed ice at home. With a simple canvas, cotton, or linen bag (like the ones shoes sometimes come in) and heavy kitchen tool, you can have perfectly crushed ice in minutes. Here's my technique:

  1. Put a large handful of ice into the fabric bag and fold closed. You could use a plastic bag, but chances are, the ice shards will cut holes in the plastic, and you may end up with ice all over your counter.
  2. With a heavy kitchen tool (muddler, juicer, or hammer) bang the bag until the ice is crushed into small pieces.
  3. Use immediately in the cocktail of your choice.

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I do the exact same thing!
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