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Once you have figured out what to do if both you and your new husband have sets of pots and pans, it's time to get the kitchen organized. The key to fast, efficient cooking is an orderly, tidy kitchen. Everything should have a specific place and should always be put back in that spot. These tips are not only for newlyweds, but for recent college grads, new homeowners, and anyone who wants their kitchen's layout to be more productive.

  • Store items near where they will be most used: Place pots and pans underneath the stove. Stack cups and plates next to the dishwasher. Put cookie sheets, baking pans, and pot holders near the oven. Store tools, such as bottle openers, near the fridge.
  • Keep counter space clean and clutter free.
  • For more organizing tips please

  • Consider the inside of your cabinets as much as you would the outside. Make them look gorgeous! Purchase pretty paper to line shelves and drawers and insert shelf compartments to add height and more storage space.
  • A lazy susan tray is perfect for organizing spices.
  • If you are short on space, consider hanging racks and a moveable butcher's block that can double as a table or banquette when entertaining.
  • To maintain a cabinets cleanliness, keep flour, pasta, and other dried staples in clear containers.
  • Drawer organizers and cultery trays are essential to quickly locating tools in the midst of cooking.
  • Hang paper towels on a circular holder so they don't have to sit on the counter.
  • Plastic mesh containers are big enough to house all of your cleaning supplies.
  • Keep your wine in another room in the house to avoid the unstable temperatures of a kitchen (which can get very hot when baking/cooking for long periods of time).

Got an organization tip I forgot to share? Tell us your secret below!

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Womenfest Womenfest 10 years
Use a crock or carafe to corral your cooking utensils next to the stove while cooking so you don't have to dig thru a packed drawer looking for a wooden spoon!
Food Food 10 years
cantdecide - nice find! i actually use small lazy susans in my cabinets and they work great, i have 3 of them and they're divided into "baking" "oils" and "rubs" the everyday spices are stacked on a 3-tier thing.
DulceKisses DulceKisses 10 years
its cute. I would use it.
cantdecide cantdecide 10 years
I have to disagree with the lazy susan comment for organizing your spices. Lazy susans take up a lot of counter or cabinet space and its a pain to find what you need.... I've found an organizer that fits in my kitchen cabinet and stores all of my spices from the grocery store - its called the Spice Stack ( This thing is awesome for finding spices fast and keeping them organized and out of sight when I'm not cooking! Hope this tip helps some of you guys with little kitchens...I'm in an apartment too so drawer space is at a premium.
AmazonChick AmazonChick 10 years
Lintacious, that's my prob right now! I'm apartment hunting and I need a good kitchen for all my gizmos - it's hard to find an affordable one in a big city!
lintacious lintacious 10 years
its hard with apartments. one apartment i lived in, the kitchen only had ONE DRAWER. Shoddy design like this makes it extremely difficult to make any proper organization.
mixed-media mixed-media 10 years
Thanks party sugar! :) I think these will be helpful while organizing the kitchen of our new apartment next weekend!
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
when i get my own kitchen, i'm so using these tips!
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