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Any Tips For Ripening Persimmons?

Nov 10 2010 - 11:30am

Reader jchild [1] needs our help with persimmons [2]! She recently asked [3] the Kitchen Goddesses [4] about caring for the Fall fruit:

I just bought four fuyu persimmons, it might be a little early in the season since these persimmons are rock hard. Does anyone know of a way to ripen this fruit? I am really excited to try them in a salad but don't want to wait forever.

Although fuyu persimmons don't need to be soft to be eaten [5] like their hachiya counterparts, I ripen them slightly by trapping them in an enclosed paper bag with a banana, which will produce ethylene, a plant growth hormone. To be honest, though, I've heard many of different methods, from sticking persimmons in the freezer to swabbing them with alcohol. What do you recommend?

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