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How to Sear Steak With More Steak

You Need to Watch This Mesmerizing Steak Sizzling Video ASAP

Sexy Salt Guy cooks meat with another freakin' piece of meat

The internet phenomenon, "Salt Bae" appears to be back with another fascinating cooking technique. The Turkish chef, whose real name is Nusret Gökce, recently gained attention for videos of his lavish steak carving and salt sprinkling technique. In a short video posted to Imgur, it seems the internet-famous chef has a fascinating technique for searing steak. The chef cuts a piece of crispy meat or fat and uses the heat from the piece to cook the juicy, rare slices of steak. Watching the meat sizzle on the plate is enough to get us salivating. Although we can't know for sure if this is really the work of Salt Bae (the video never shows his face), his signature technique is included at the end of the video, seeming to confirm that this is the handy work of the salting genius himself. Watch the video above and prepare for an instantaneous craving for steak.

Image Source: Getty / Neilson Barnard
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