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How to Serve Pizza at a Bar Party

Simple Tip: At a Bar, Serve Pizza Bites Instead of Slices

I've been to a lot of parties in bars where the organizer orders a couple of pizzas for everyone to share. Most of the time they forget to supply plates or napkins and one's forced to awkwardly scarf down the pizza. However, I recently went to a going away party where I came across a genius way for serving a crowd pizza.

Instead of cutting the pizza into large triangular slices, the hostess asked the pizzeria to cut the pie into bite-sized slices. No piece was bigger than three inches, so it was easy to pick one up and pop it into your mouth. Plates and silverware were unnecessary and guests could have as much or as little pizza as they liked. The next time I offer pizza in a bar, I'm totally stealing this idea!

katiekat95 katiekat95 7 years
lil- Columbus
kea718 kea718 7 years
There's a place right by where I live in Miami that serves pizza sliced like that. Sir Pizza... it's actually kind of a chain, there's a few Sir Pizza's through out the US.
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
Very common in Minnesota, as well. I actually prefer the squares over the traditional slices, as it makes it less likely that I will be wearing the pizza!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Where in Ohio are you, katie? I grew up there and lived in a couple of different areas of the state and I can only think of one place I've been to that serves pizza cut in squares rather than slices.
katiekat95 katiekat95 7 years
This is how they serve pizza everywhere in Ohio :( Being from's totally sacreligious!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
It's a good idea, but supplying napkins anyway would be common courtesy!!
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