How to Store Raw Oysters
How to Store Raw Oysters

Although raw oysters are best consumed as fresh as possible, sometimes it's necessary to store them for a couple of hours or even overnight. My dad purchased 50 oysters on Friday for a small party Saturday. Since they were on the menu raw, we had to keep them cold for about a day. Following the technique described in the Hog Island Oyster Company cookbook, this is how to properly store oysters:

  1. Stack the oysters right side up on a plate or in a baking tray.
  2. Wet a kitchen towel and ring out as much water as possible.
  3. Drape the damp towel over the oysters, covering completely.
  4. Place in the fridge on the shelf closest to the freezer. You want to keep the shellfish really cold without freezing it because this will kill the oysters. If the towel becomes to dry, rewet it with water.

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