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How to Temper Dark Chocolate

How to Temper Dark Chocolate Like a Pro

Stir the chocolate a few times. At its highest temperature, the chocolate should feel thin and easy to stir.

The next step is seeding the chocolate, or adding pieces of the unmelted chocolate to lower the overall temperature of the melted chocolate. Take the seeding chocolate (the 25 percent that you reserved earlier) and add a few pieces. Stir slowly, so you do not incorporate air bubbles. Once the chocolate has melted, continue to add a few pieces at a time.

You may or may not need to incorporate all the chocolate, because factors like how much total chocolate you are using and how cold your kitchen is will affect how quickly the chocolate cools. If you find that the chocolate you are adding is not melting, stop adding the pieces and let the chocolate sit, stirring it occasionally to cool until it reaches 86°F. If there are any unmelted pieces of chocolate, remove them from the bowl before going on to the next step.

When the chocolate has reached 86°F, use a hair blow-dryer to heat the sides of the bowl in five- to 10-second increments until the temperature reads between 88°F and 90°F. This is the proper range for tempered chocolate.

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