If I am eagerly awaiting the Season 4 premiere of Lost and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next then I know I'm not the only one out there. In fact my pals at Neatorama have actually come up with 15 details to help you throw a Lost party. So if Jan. 31 — the Season 4 premiere date — isn't coming fast enough, tide yourself over with these party plans.

You must check out all 15 — some are obvious and some are more obscure — but here are my favorites:

  • Serve airplane-sized bottles of liquor and mini packets of peanuts.
  • Make these amazing cupcakes like the folks at My Aim Is True.
  • For the rest of my favorite Lost-themed party ideas,


  • Send out Oceanic Boarding pass invites.
  • Label a bottle of whiskey as "MacCutcheon."
  • Order (or make) fried chicken, and change the labels to "Mr. Cluck’s Fried Chicken."
  • Scatter your luggage all over the living room (or wherever you’re viewing the show).

Check out the list and then tell me, do you have any other great Lost party ideas?

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