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How to Use Guava Paste

Know Your Ingredients: Guava Paste

For a little taste of the tropics when you can't make it to the tropics, be sure to expand your culinary repertoire to include guava paste.

Guava paste (also known as goiabada, pasta de guayaba, and guayabate) isn't easy to spot in the many parts of the States unless you look in the Latin section of your supermarket. In contrast, it's a staple everywhere in Latin America, from Puerto Rico to Brazil and Mexico.

The substance is guava pulp, sugar, water, and pectin cooked down slowly into a concentrated form. It has firm consistency similar to that of membrillo and has a wide arrange of uses, from appetizers to desserts.


In Brazil, goiabada is spread on toast, or cut into squares and paired with cubes of local Minas cheese as a snack. In Portugal, it's used as a filling for bolo de rosas, or rose cake, and in Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands like Cuba, to fill guava and cheese empanadas. Personally, I'd love to try it as a dessert sauce, on to add sweetness to pork tenderloin with salsa. What have you used guava paste for?

Source: Flickr User Mr. T in DC

Join The Conversation
mimi5511 mimi5511 5 years
I had this recently for the first time in small cubes on a cheese board .... delicous....I plan on making one for a party this weekend..How have I never seen this stuff before?!?!/
Svitlana-M Svitlana-M 6 years
Guayaba.... love it. My boyfriend (from Venezuela) introduced me to it. Delicious.
lauren lauren 6 years
Yum, I might have to find some of this too and start experimenting! The possibilities do seem pretty endless.
superfoxml superfoxml 6 years
Buy ready-made croissant dough and put the guava pasta in the middle of the triangle and then roll up as usual and bake according to directions. Really good.
khameel khameel 6 years
I love guava paste! In Jamaica, we spread it on crackers or bread. Yum!!!
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