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How to Wash Greens Without a Salad Spinner

Wash Greens Without a Salad Spinner!

I love salad spinners. They're one of my favorite kitchen tools, but sadly, I don't own one. I have to wash greens, like spinach and arugula, the old-fashioned way. Here's how it's done:

  1. Place a large handful of greens in a colander. Rinse well with water.
  2. Roll out a long sheet of paper towels and place on a clean kitchen surface. Alternately, spread out a clean dish towel.
  3. Lay the greens in a single layer on top of the towels. Cover with another layer of paper towels or another dish towel. Repeat, creating layers of greens and towels, until all the greens are washed. Use immediately.

Do you have a tip for washing vegetables? Share it with us below!

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neonbrite neonbrite 6 years
oops 'and' not ans, sorry
neonbrite neonbrite 6 years
Agree with the above, total waste happening. I also do not own a spinner but wash ans use a colander
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
Hey, I gotta get him to work on his boyish figure SOMEHOW! ;)
lovesitc1 lovesitc1 6 years
Alright Fuzzles, that is just hysterical!!! :)
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
I wash them, clip the stems to my hair, and then try to pick up Oliver's dry food dish from the kitchen to refill it. A few laps around the house and we're good to go! :woohoo:
lovesitc1 lovesitc1 6 years
I put them in a large bowl (or two, depending on how many I have to wash) of cold water, swish them around to get the dirt off, then wait about fifteen minutes. Then the dirt settles on the bottom of the bowl so I lift the greens up and out of the water and into a colander to drain. The key is to not disturb that dirt on the bowl's bottom when taking the greens out of the water.
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