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Hungry Girl: Love Her or Leave Her?

Hungry GirlHoping to capitalize on all those New Year's resolutions, the Cooking Channel debuted a new show this past Saturday starring Lisa Lillien, known to most web-savvy, waist-watching women as Hungry Girl. The Hungry Girl, who is the star of the Saturday morning show with the same name, is both adored and loathed. About a million people subscribe to her daily newsletter, but she's also been criticized for hawking onion soup mix, low-carb tortillas, and other heavily processed foods.

What do you think of Hungry Girl — and her new cooking show?


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Cathy3385 Cathy3385 6 years
I'm not sure if she touts her recipes as "healthy" but I think instead she says they're low-cal. Which they are because of all the substitutes and "fat free" products she uses. I watched her show and found her attempt to be "cartoon like" really annoying, but I liked her advice on how to bulk up frozen dinners... because if you're going to eat a frozen meal at least supplement it with some fresh veggies!
Soniabonya Soniabonya 6 years
checked out her website once since my sister wanted one of her books.... like everyone else, I was pretty much horrified by all the processed food. It all sounded so unhealthy. I gave my sister another, healthier, book instead.
Katie-Sweeney Katie-Sweeney 6 years
I unsubscribed too!
eatingbirdfood eatingbirdfood 6 years
I used to be a subscriber to Hungry Girl's newsletter but once I realized the types of foods she was pushing I decided it wasn't for me. I prefer whole, real foods instead of processed and fake. :)
Curlock-Holmes Curlock-Holmes 6 years
haha, I've never seen her or her show/blog but from the description 'mom2ross' hit the nail right on the head!
mom2ross mom2ross 6 years
So...she's like Sandra Lee on a diet?
amber512 amber512 6 years
While I have to say she seems like a super sweet person, I'm often appalled by the amount of weird chemicals she touts as healthy! I do subscribe to her e-mails for the one that comes on Mondays because I love food news. But her recipes aren't for me.
gingirl gingirl 6 years
Ugh, her food is atrocious! Does she really think she's making her meals "healthier" with all that processed stuff? And like courtneyd, I love my soda and chips and such, but in appropriate quantities.
imLissy imLissy 6 years
My mother-in-law gave us her cook book, but I'm not a fan. We couldn't find anything in there we wanted to make. The foods may be low cal, but they're not healthy. There's better ways to eat.
courtneyd courtneyd 6 years
Katie - I hadn't watched the videos, but the Breakfast Mexicali "pizza" video had me staring, mouth agape. It's like watching a train wreck - what will she do next??
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Not a fan at all. I used to read the newsletter, until I realized that every single recipe says exactly the same: 1. Take recipe 2. Replace every ingredient with a low fat/low carb ingredient I am not a fan of processed foods, and especially not when presented in such unoriginal recipes.
zeze zeze 6 years
Leave her, he recipes take away all the flavor. I would rather eat small quantities of bad food than bad food all the time.
limelindsey limelindsey 6 years
I find her incredibly obnoxious. Seriously, everything about her annoys me. And most of her "recipes" seem to be Weight-Watchers rip-offs. All that processed food might be low in points, but it's also pretty devoid of nutrition.
Katie-Sweeney Katie-Sweeney 6 years
I agree with you Courtneyd! She uses way too much processed stuff. And to be honest, I was appaled by the videos.
courtneyd courtneyd 6 years
I remember stumbling upon her blog a couple of years ago and was appalled by the amount of processed foods in her recipes (and I'm by no means an all-organic/non-processed type of gal - I love my Coke and Velveeta in small quantities). There's no way eating her food for any length of time could be healthy.
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