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I Heart Candy Roundup

I was so excited to open up my inbox and see it stuffed with I Heart Candy submissions. You guys are really amazing and totally impress me, from cookies to truffles and everything in between, you guys really love your candy! There are 20 entries total, so let's just get this candy-loving party started!

Oh and if you sent one in and it didn't appear here, use the contact form above to drop me a line and I'll get it added!

Entry #1
Our first entry comes from TeamSugar member calibabi who wrote in to share her recipes for Rolo Cookies and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. I think I know what I'll be baking this weekend!

Entry #2
Kate from A Way To Eat took her home state Vermont into consideration when she made maple walnut pepper crunch. This looks fantastic over ice cream, but I bet I could eat handfuls on its own!

Entry #3
Amy from Seattle's Nook & Pantry melted my heart with green tea truffles. I've had these once before and have always wanted to make my own. Thanks for submitting these!

Entry #4
Utah-based Heather from dustbunnies wrote in to tell about her favorite new candy: Bertie Botts Every Flavored Jelly Bean. As someone who's a big Harry Potter fan, I was excited to hear that she and her family love to play Bertie Botts russian roulette. Hope you don't end up with the vomit flavored one!

For SIXTEEN more sweet entries,

Entry #5
Manila-based SweetPleasures got inspired by the film Chocolat and made us some lovely homemade chocolates. I gotta make my own someday too!

Entry #6
Bon Vivant's own Colorado-based Chelsea decided to make an English Toffee Inspiration Sundae. Is it bad that I am craving this so early in the morning?!

Entry #7
Candied blood orange peels end up being the secret weapon for Nina of Sweet Napa. Her orange creamsicle birthday cake will surely beat the Los Angeles heat!

Entry #8
Based in the Philippines, Chef KC wrote in to say that it's fun to play with your food, especially if it's candy!

Entry #9
Minko of Couture Cupcakes sent these vodka soaked Red Skins cupcakes all the way from Australia. I've never even heard of Red Skins (a raspberry "flavoured" hard candy), but I really want to try these!

Entry #10
TeamSugar member Karla Sugar wrote in to say that although it sounds odd, she thinks water with lemon tastes just like candy! Especially if it's room-temp or cool (not ice cold). What do you guys think?!

Entry #11
Maryland based TeamSugar members crispet1 and beamer1, did three entries! First they created a selection of adorable candy filled phyllo purses and then they created cute cupcakes and a drink they call "Gummy Worm" - can't wait to try them all!

Entry #12
Our very own GeikoSera has decided to list her favorite candy. Mallo Cups... mmm....

Entry #13
Molly was able to capture a pic of the elusive Knut the polar gummi bear!

13-buckeyesEntry #14
Canada-based Sweetheart_450 sent her recipe for Peanut Butter Buckeyes. She says they're the most delicious sweets she's ever tasted and a must try for everyone!

Entry #15
Team member Bonne sent us a recipe for rock candy and then wrote in to tell us how she used to eat all the fundraiser candy! Shhh.. don't tell!

Entry #16
SU3 of TeamSugar treated us with two delights: M&M's Kisses pretzels and Butterfinger popcorn balls. I can't decide which treat I want to try first!

Entry #17
TeamSugar member poetess treated us to a quick poem about candy.

Entry #18
The office went wild for the Heath Bar Cake that PartySugar made. So delicious!

Entry #19
Our pal TeamSugar shared her weakness for Milk Duds and Dots (just not at the same time)!

Entry #20
And finally, I started the whole shebang by creating Reese's PB Cup Cookies.

Not enough candy? Be sure to check out some more candy related posts. There's still some time left in June, so it's not over yet!

Join The Conversation
chancleta chancleta 10 years
yummmm i need candy now
GeikoSera GeikoSera 10 years
Great posts! Thanks! :)
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
Rolo cookies? You know I'm making those!!!
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Cool recipes. Everything looks fantastic.
SU3 SU3 10 years
Wow! Everything looks so good! especially those homemade chocolates and cupcakes! :drool:
rainonme224 rainonme224 10 years
everything sounds so good. I'm drooling over the orange creamsicle cake! Yummm!!
mollipop mollipop 10 years
Green tea truffles?! I love green tea EVERYTHING...cake, muffins, ice cream, cookies, you name it! I need some of those truffles pronto :-).
sweet_potato sweet_potato 10 years
omg i want everything!!!
sweetheart_450 sweetheart_450 10 years
Everything looks so good :drool: Thanks for posting mine!
calibabi calibabi 10 years
thanks for posting my entries!! if my camera wasn't dead i would have posted pictures too...alas, the follies of technology! :)
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