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7 Ice Molds For Better Cocktails at Home

Jul 31 2012 - 4:29am

Many bartenders will argue that the shape of the ice used in a particular cocktail is just as important as the shape of the glass. Due to the myriad of ice cube molds now available, amateur mixologists can replicate the interesting and unique ice shapes at home. Take a look at these molds, trays, and ice crushers that will make your spirits and cocktails look and taste nearly as good as (or maybe better than) those found in professional bars.

Standard Square Ice Cubes

Start with the standard for most mixed drinks by freezing one-inch ice cubes using Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Trays [1] ($13). The cubes are perfect for cocktails that involve shaking or stirring or for those mixed with soda or juice, like our fizzy gin and lavender cocktail [2]. The larger and thicker the cube, the slower the ice will melt, therefore causing less water dilution.

Mini Ice Cubes

Some think it's a crime, but others prefer a little water dilution in their vodka or whiskey on the rocks. The adorable, attractive Cubette Mini Ice Cube Trays [3] ($5) quickly freeze due to their small size. The cubes are also great to use in blenders when whipping up frozen strawberry margaritas [4].

Crushed Ice

Mint juleps [5] and mai tais call for a Waring IC70 Professional Stainless Steel Large-Capacity Ice Crusher [6] ($80), which transforms ice cubes into evenly crushed ice with the flip of a switch.

Large Ice Cubes

Big blocks of ice are ideal for whiskey cocktails like the old-fashioned [7], because they cool the beverage without diluting it. Make large ice squares at home with a Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray [8] ($8).

Ice Ball Maker

Similar to the large cube, try creating large ice spheres with a Muji Silicon Ice Ball Maker [9] ($12). Bonus: round ice makes for even melting, and guests will marvel at the spherical shape! We'd use them to enjoy fine spirits on the rocks.

Stainless Steel Ice Trays

Some ice aficionados claim that stainless steel trays are the way to go, because they are durable and create a cleaner tasting ice. While you won't freeze perfect squares, experiment making cocktails with ice from a Onyx Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray [10] ($30). Try it on something crisp and refreshing, like a garden and tonic [11].

Ice Shot Glasses

It's a whole new way of taking shots! The Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold [12] ($8) freezes water to create a shot glass made entirely of ice. Tequila and other liquors are chilled instantaneously. Vodka tasting, anyone?

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