A couple of weeks ago I helped assemble a cupcake tower for a friend's wedding. The cupcakes were created by Grace Park, an experienced home cook and avid baker. Although this was Park's second time baking a wedding dessert, making and transporting over 100 cupcakes is no easy task.

After testing several recipes with the bride, Park selected two flavors of cupcakes — chocolate raspberry and lemon pound cake — and topped both with a Swiss meringue frosting. The recipes were from The Australian Women's Weekly Cupcakes and Fairy Cakes cookbook, and the final look of the cupcake tower was inspired by this cake.

For those interested in making wedding cupcakes, Park recommends practicing in advance, thinking out storage, and arranging for helpers to transport the finished cakes. Have you ever made a wedding cake? Or wedding cupcakes? Share your experience below!


To look at a gallery of the cupcake process and check out the completed tower,