My girlfriend Melissa's sister is diabetic and has to really watch her consumption of sweets. That's why Melissa decided it would be best not to serve cake at the 30th birthday brunch she was throwing her sister. However, no birthday is complete without some sort of candle and singing ceremony. This is where Melissa got creative: she created a cake entirely out of flowers! It's inedible, but beautiful to look at and incredibly thoughtful. Here's how she did it:

  1. Start by purchasing a round cake-shaped floral foam at your nearest floral or craftshop. Soak with water.
  2. Get a bouquet of colorful blossoming flowers. Cut them down to have a stem that is 2-3 inches long.
  3. Insert the blooms into the foam. Get as artistic with the design as you like.
  4. Insert birthday candles. Use longer candles to ensure that the flowers don't burn or get waxy.

Without the candles, the flower-shaped cake would make a great simple centerpiece to a wedding or shower. What do you think of this innovative idea?