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Jack in the Box Drops Menu Items, Toys From Kids' Meals

Jack in the Box Hopes to Boost Sales With Menu Changes

In hopes of boosting sales, Jack in the Box is thinking, well, outside of the box. Amidst criticism that the fast food chain has lost brand focus, the company has announced plans to drop toys from kids' meals, add new menu options for children such as apple bites, and cut a number of premium food items, among them the mini sirloin burgers, steak teriyaki bowl, pita snacks, and chorizo burger. These changes, Jack in the Box executives hope, will help the staggering chain distinguish itself from competitors.

Jack in the Box claims that the move to kill toys in kids' meals wasn't in response to outside pressure, but the hubbub surrounding Happy Meal bans couldn't have hurt its decision. Note that while other fast food establishments like McDonald's and Chipotle have been seeing growth, Jack in the Box sales still haven't managed to return to pre-recession levels. Do you think dropping the toys from kids' meals and simplifying the menu will kick-start sluggish sales?

Source: Flickr User Roca Chang

Wootle Wootle 6 years
What? No Fish & Chips? Fish Sandwich? Sampler Trio? Grilled Chicken Pita Snacks? I didn't even check the whole menu for other chucked items, only for the items that my family orders AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK. What remains on the menu are the same old generic items that I can get (often better) anywhere else. So now all you have to do is remove the two tacos and we'll be done with Jack in the Box, having no reason to drive into their parking lot ever again. This after being loyal customers since the 70s. Why... WHY? It's rather ironic that these changes made by JitB were intended to "distinguish themselves from competitors" when what they've successfully done with this new generic menu is blend right in seamlessly and invisibly.
lemuse20 lemuse20 6 years
Oh man, I concur. If there was a Jack in the Box near me I'd definitely hit them up! And I don't even really do fast food either.
Diana615 Diana615 6 years
Their nasty little tacos are the best. I'm not even sure what the "meat" is really made of...LOL
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
No location that is a reasonable driving distance. I would have to go out in the boonies to try it.
Skorpio Skorpio 6 years
Im not big on fast food, but I did always find Jack in the Box to be a dumpster of a Menu. I think its a good idea, for them to cut it down. Gotta love those oreo milk shakes... MMM!
testadura67 testadura67 6 years
If there was a Jack in the Box within an hour of me I would eat there every day. I miss their food so much, they're the best fast food chain I've ever been to. Gaaaaahhhh I miss them!
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