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Jalapeno Pork Roast Recipe

Savory Sight: Susan Spicer's Jalapeño Roast Pork

Fall is fast approaching, and OnSugar Blog Food Orleans is ready with her recipe for a spicy roasted pork shoulder.

Ah, September...I don't know what the weather's like where you are, but here in New Orleans, it's pretty darn wet.  But once the rains of Lee move northeast, we should get some fall-like weather, topping out around 75 degrees!  Practically winter.  I'm always ready to do some roasting as soon as the major summer heat subsides, and I'm jumping the gun a little here, but with good reason.  We're making this scrumptious jalapeno-roasted pork from Susan Spicer's wonderful cookbook, Crescent City Cooking, so we can use the leftovers in a Labor Day/Paul's Birthday jambalaya tomorrow.  Hooray!

Visit her OnSugar Blog for this tasty-looking recipe and tips. If you love taking photos of your favorite dishes, join in our Savory Sights group, and we just might feature your scrumptious looking photo on YumSugar.

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foodorleans foodorleans 5 years
I love everything I've made in that book. Next time you come, check out Mondo too. It's really good!
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