Bobby Flay isn't the only celebrity chef to expand his brand in tough times. UK celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is launching a new chain of food stores that allow customers to create their own dishes under the guidance of professionals.

Chefs at the aptly-titled Recipease will teach eager home cooks how to prepare and assemble set dishes. Customers will also be able to purchase ready-made meals. The first outpost of the chain will open at the end of February in South London.

Oliver, who is also launching Jamie's Italian restaurant this year, has long wanted to develop this restaurant store, as he thinks it will inspire others to take an interest in cooking.

He believes the concept offers "solutions in the neighborhood that people need these days, as so many people were never taught to cook at home or in school." The food personality added, "By having trained chefs helping the customers I think we can really get people excited about food. . . . I really believe that if the produce and product is exceptional and good value, then people will find this service dead handy."

Do you think the young chef's new store concept will take off? Would you be drawn to a do-it-yourself restaurant if it offered expert guidance?