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Jen Biesty Recaps Top Chef All-Stars Episode 6

Jen Biesty on Top Chef All-Stars Episode 6

Here to recap last night's Top Chef All-Stars is the lovely TC Chicago cheftestant Jen Biesty. Find out what she thought of the seafood showdown and double elimination below.

It's so great to see my season 4 pals back on All-Stars! I have to say, I was a bit jealous when All-Stars was announced, but after watching Elia get kicked off I realized once was enough for me!

Wow, Marcel really needs to lay off the Bombay, does he want his head shaved by Dale this time?

FISHING!!!!! This has got to be every chef's dream — ocean to table, it can't get better than that. Awesome challenge, Bravo!

To see Jen's feelings on Angelo, dying at sea, and Padma's outfit, keep reading.

I would have loved to take on this challenge, I'm such an ocean person. If you asked me how I would like to die, I'd say eaten by sharks, I know that sounds crazy but I'm totally serious, that's how I would go given the choice. Dale: I can see Angelo being a mermaid, woooh that made me giggle! Who would've thought Angelo's a total pussy! Although not afraid of crudo apparently.


Kind of cool that the girls were the ones catching all the fish, yeah, we rule. Hey, I've got a good one: How many cheftestants does it take to catch a striper? Four: one to jerk off the pole and three to tell him how they would do it . . . Sorry chefs, I couldn't resist. So, onto the COOKING! I loved Tre's dish, and Dale's "daddy" fish looked like it made for scrumptitilicious tacos.

But c'mon, seriously Jamie? It's tough to mess up a fish right out of the water. Too bad she didn't catch any scallops. And foam, boys? Really? That's not what I want in my mouth at a beach picnic. I think they over thought it just a little bit.

Padma, looking fantastic in that yellow blazer or is it those legs? Oh, and girl team — nice victory booty dance after the striper catch!

Carla, nice job! I LOVE bluefish — as a Brooklyn native I was raised on bluefish, my dad taught me to fish on the Rockaway Beach and one of my favorite memories is grilling up bluefish on a warm night after a long day on the beach. Carla, thanks for doing this fish right! Have fun in Amsterdam, and don't do anything I wouldn't do . . .

Antonia AKA the Black Hammer strikes again! The po-boy looked pretty damn good, I have to say. Cheftestants, beware the Black Hammer!

I'm sad to see Tiffany go, she is a rock and so very talented. Not as sad to see Jamie go, I have to say I'm a little surprised to hear that she was happy to be on TC, she didn't ever seem to be having that much fun or maybe it was just those 2 stitches that did her in . . .

Can't wait till next week, thanks for letting me spout!

Love Jen Biesty as much as we do? The next time you're in San Francisco be sure to check out her restaurant Scala's Bistro, at the legendary Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

Photos courtesy of Bravo

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