There's no denying that Jen was portrayed as the villain on this season's Hell's Kitchen. The energetic young chef wasn't afraid to lie and cheat to get to the top, and was vehemently disliked by her competitors. I was relieved to see her go, but I wasn't excited to interview her. However, it was interesting to hear what she had to say. An optimistic Jen knows she's hated and she's perfectly okay with it. To find out what happened when we spoke yesterday,


PartySugar: How did it feel to be eliminated?
: Ah, I'm sorry about it. But when one door closes another one opens. I have a lot on my plate right now. There are a lot of things in the works. I'm absolutely definitely doing stuff that's food related. I'm in talks to appear on upcoming television shows, I'll be at Taste of Chicago. I'm in talks to open an upscale martini bar and grill. I'm taking full advantage of all the culinary opportunities that arise.
PS: Who are you rooting for?
: Now that I'm off the show, I'm not rooting for anyone. I think chef Ramsay himself should just be in charge of his restaurant. I think he should get rid of the whole lot of them. I don't even want to watch anymore. Now that I'm gone there is no one to laugh at.

PS: Did you write Christina's name twice?
: Yeah, I wrote her name twice. I didn't care, I knew they were going to gang up on me. That meant I was a good, strong chef. If I was a crappy chef than they would've wanted me around so they could beat me. They knew I was an awesome cook, so they had to say I had an attitude problem. They had to get me off some how so they said, "it's her attitude."

PS: Have you worked on your attitude problem?
: No, I don't have an attitude problem. Some stuff I said was meant to be funny. But I know I'm a sore loser. I would like to apologize for being mean to Louross though. I would forget the cameras were around. I was just doing the same thing Gordon Ramsay was doing, being tough on my teammates. When he does it, everyone is ok with it. But when I do it, everyone says I'm mean. They call me evil, a bully, but you know it's just the same thing.

PS: Do you have a heart?
: Everyone who knows Jennifer, not Jen from Hell's Kitchen, knows I'm very fun loving. I have a heart and a big personality. I have a lot of fans that contact me. They understand that it was a competition and I did what I had to do when I wanted to win. My fans see through the reality and realize I'm a funny character. But, you know, I know. Last night in America hundreds of Champagne bottles were popped by all the people who hate me and who were glad to see me go. Everyone needs someone they love to hate, and I'm fine with being that person. My haters are motivators, they motivate me to be a better person.

Photos courtesy of Fox.