I'll admit it now, I really love the awful lolspeak and lolcats, and I'm surprised by how much it's taken off. At first it was just something that people who spend too much time on the internet understood, and now almost everyone has seen the cheezburger cat that started it all. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out these lolcat examples.)

So why am I talking about lolcats? Well, the folks at Jones Soda — yes the ones responsible for dirt flavored soda — want to put pictures of them on their bottles. That's right, lolcats will be in your stores adorning your soda!

Right now there's a contest to find the best lolcat for the labels. You can vote on other submissions or submit one yourself. You have until Apr. 25 to do it, so get cracking! I think this is so fun, u noes wut i meanz?