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Kevin Gillespie Is YumSugar's Favorite Top Chef Contestant of 2009

The Year's Favorite Top Chef Contestant

As part of our annual end of the year coverage, we asked you who your favorite Top Chef contestant was. Over the course of 2009, we were lucky enough to watch two exciting seasons of Top Chef.

The first, Top Chef season five, was shot in New York City and featured the infamous relationships of Leah and Hosea — and Stefan and Fabio. The following season, which just ended and was filmed in Las Vegas, was the first time we saw brothers compete.

The voting was across the board with fan favorite Kevin Gillespie taking the majority at 37 percent. We agree with you readers: Kevin is a lovable inspiration, and I'm dying to eat one of his pork masterpieces. We look forward to seeing what's next for Kevin!

Photo courtesy of Bravo

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I like Kevin, but I forget who I voted for. I think it was someone from the New York season. Even though I wasn't happy with Hosea as the winner, I liked the cheftestants better as a whole that season. And, to be annoying (again, I did the same thing to TresSugar), 37% is not a majority; it's a plurality. I don't know why that mistake annoys me so much!
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